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image: Don't miss the deadline! Don't miss the deadline! Friday, 27 October is the deadline for your advertisements in the winter issue of focus, the magazine of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia. Read more
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image: SCCE’s Wine Academy continues! SCCE’s Wine Academy continues!

SCCE's highly appreciated Wine Academy will continue and restart with an evening at Hotell Palace’s Restaurant Konrad focusing on wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon area in France.

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image: New EU Anti-Money Laundering Rules New EU Anti-Money Laundering Rules

Very welcome to join for a Tuesday 31 October Morning Business Seminar, focusing on the EU’s new Anti-Money Laundering Rules.

Pirkka-Marja Põldvere and Lada Riisna from LEADELL Pilv Law Office, and Indrek Tibar from Swedbank will give us an update at this Morning Business Seminar arranged in cooperation with LEADELL Pilv Law Office, Swedbank, SCCE and BECC. Breakfast coffee and snacks will be served.

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image: Estonia/Finland 100 seminar Estonia/Finland 100 seminar On the occasion of the centennial celebrations for Finland and Estonia, the Finnish-Estonian Trade Association / Helsinki and Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce / Tallinn will organize a seminar in Tallinn, which will discuss effective ways to collaborate across the Finnish Gulf and mirror it to the thriving Øresund Region with its “twin cities” Malmö and Copenhagen, and the lessons to be learnt from there.

Time: Wednesday November 1, 2017 at 14:00 – 18:30
Venue: MEKTORY, Raja str 15, Tallinn, Estonia
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image: Introducing the Competences of the University of Tartu for Businesses Introducing the Competences of the University of Tartu for Businesses Very welcome to join for a 2 November demonstration day where the University of Tartu will introduce its competences for businesses and the public sector. Read more
The Autumn Business Season Kick-Off: SCCE's Crayfish Party 2017
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