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The world shared the four-day celebration "Sweden's four-day Royal Wedding celebration reached its peak Saturday when Crown Princess Victoria married commoner Daniel Westling at Stockholm Cathedral", reported CNN and continued: "The couple emerged from Stockholm Cathedral to a gantlet of crossed swords. They stepped into a horse-drawn carriage and rode through town to the cheers of thousands of people lining the streets."

Some 2.300 journalists, 700 of them from abroad, reported on the June 19th Royal Wedding and the preceding days of celebrations. Sweden got a seldom seen amount of worldwide publicity and e-focus has taken a look at some of the images the world now has shared from the four-day Royal Wedding celebration.

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Celebration day 1 – Wednesday June 16th Stockholm got a first visual and audible sign of celebrations already on Monday June 14th as the East Indiaman Götheborg arrived and fired a salute.

The ship is well-known to many SCCE members as she visited Tallinn in the summer of 2008 and SCCE, in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy, arranged an onboard lunch and a tour of the ship.

Hosted by Sweden's 21 county governors, the ship was the venue for a dinner with Crown Princess Victoria, Daniel Westling and the Royal Family as guests of honor on Wednesday June 16th.

Head chef for the dinner was Leif Mannerström, also well known to several SCCE members following the Swedish Food Days arranged in Tallinn by the Swedish Trade Council a couple of years ago.

Celebration day 2 – Thursday June 17th This evening King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia invited to a private dinner at their home, Drottningholms Slott just outside Stockholm.

Private meant private and no journalists or photographers were invited.

Celebration day 3 – Friday June 18th Following a private lunch hosted by King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia at Sturehofs Slott, the day before the wedding continued with a row of celebration events.

The Swedish Government hosted a reception and a dinner in the Eric Ericson-hall on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.

And the day's grand finale was a concert at the Stockholm Concert Hall, hosted by Riksdagen – the Swedish Parliament.

Day 4, the wedding day – Saturday June 19th "I morr'n är det bröllopskalas" (Tomorrow it's wedding party) sang the children choir and the artists as a grand finale of Friday's concert. And a party it became.

Around 1.200 guests attended the Royal Wedding Ceremony in Stockholm Cathedral. More than a quarter of a million people were out on Stockholm's streets to get a glimpse of the cortège. And the party, following the wedding dinner, lasted until early Sunday morning.

The nearest future Crown Princess Victoria's and Prince Daniel's new home will be Haga Slott, just outside Stockholm.

It is the same estate where her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf was born and spent his first years together with his sisters, Princesses Margaretha, Birgitta, Désirée and Christina, and his mother Princess Sibylla. The king's father, Prince Gustaf Adolf, died in an airplane crash at Copenhagen Airport in 1947.

Sweden has a Constitutional Monarchy and the Act from 1974 says; "The King as Head of State is the country's foremost representative and symbol. The King's duties are primarily ceremonial and representative".

These duties are to be fulfilled by the entire Swedish Royal family, now also including its newest member – Prince Daniel.

According to the Swedish Royal Court, the first official presence of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel after their marriage, will take place August 21st as the 200 years jubilee of the election of Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte as heir to the Swedish throne is celebrated in Örebro, Sweden.

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