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Ericsson, Wendre and Tallink Grupp were awarded as Best Estonian Enterprises 2010 In the beginning of September the winners of this year's Estonian Entrepreneurship Awards were announced at the Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn.

The aim of organizing the Estonian Entrepreneurship Award competition is to give the Estonian State's recognition to successful companies and to improve awareness of entrepreneurship.

- This award ceremony shows that it is indeed possible to be successful, even during hard economic times, said √úlari Alamets, Head of the Management Board of Enterprise Estonia. This year's main award as 'Foreign Investor 2010' is presented to Ericsson Eesti who was able to increase their export and shows impressive figures in terms of additional value per employee. Furthermore, Ericsson Eesti brought new products to the market and showed business revenue.

The prize 'Exporter 2010' was awarded to Wendre AS - a company with high export turnover, which was able, unlike many other large exporters, to increase its export in 2009, invested in new technologies and brought new products to the market.

The title 'The Most Competitive Enterprise 2010' was awarded to Tallink Grupp AS. The sales revenue and investments of Tallink Grupp are without competition the highest in the competitiveness ranking of 2010.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia congratulates our three member companies to the awards and their successes.