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Time for Audit Mart Nõmper and Reidi Strandberg, Rödl & Partner Tallinn, offer ten good tips for the auditing process:

1. Choose an auditor early and agree upon a specific work schedule
2. Agree on carrying out a preaudit
3. Keep in contact with the audit throughout the year and discuss more complicated transactions with the auditor at an early stage
4. Ask the auditor for a list of the topics to prepare for the audit
5. Assess thoroughly the balances of the entries made on the balance sheet and the income statement
6. Review all the balances together with the management board and demand necessary assessments from them
7. Be more than an accountant and offer solutions to the management board to improve the quality of work done
8. Broaden the mind - read the reports of competitors and make yours a Flagship of Financial Reports
9. Use the four-eye principle – ask a colleague to read the report
10. Practice makes perfect: prepare interim reports

Contact information Rödl & Partner, Tallinn:

Reidi Strandberg
Business Process Outsourcing
Member of the Management Board, Associate Partner
Rödl & Partner OÜ
Tel: (+372) 680 5623

Mart Nõmper
Member of the Management Board, Sworn Auditor
Rödl & Partner Audit OÜ
Tel: (+372) 680 7646