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Bringing the Talents Home Talendid Koju was launched last autumn with a goal of giving Estonian exporters access to Estonian talents being abroad – either for studies or working as qualified and skilled professionals.

The growth in Estonian exports during the recent months has indeed increased the need for talents who have gained international experiences.

So far, Talendid Koju has built up a database including 450 Estonians who live and study abroad, have international work experience and have agreed to cooperate with Estonian companies either after they return to Estonia or during their residence abroad.

- The project’s website,, has become a viable job market where companies can advertise job vacancies, traineeships or summer jobs, free of charge. Offering ambitious young Estonian talents who are studying abroad a summer job or a trainee position for example, is a good way to establish solid contacts for the future, comments Siim Raie, Managing Director of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

- However, in order to become proper employers for these internationalized Estonian talents, interested Estonian companies must themselves become international, adds Siim Raie.

Commenting the Talendid Koju project in an opinion article at Estonian Public Broadcasting News, Ott Tammik, a young Estonian having grown up abroad, wrote; "The focus should be less on physically bringing [Estonian] expats back, and instead on teaching the nation to network."

His concluding paragraph in the article is headlined; "A Micro Country with a Global Presence", and says:

"[Estonian] Expats might not come back for long. They might not come back at all. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be in touch. There are more than 100,000 people with Estonian roots living abroad, according to the Estonian World Council. Expats don’t need a red carpet, but they need a heartfelt invitation. People want to feel that they are more than an asset; they yearn to feel that they are a part of something. Or, if you must, something special."