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Increasing labor shortage Unemployment still remains high in both Estonia and Sweden. At the same time, both countries report difficulties in finding the labor needed.

- You have to go back to the 1980’s to find more vacancies not filled up in Sweden, says Almega, the employer and trade organization for the Swedish service sector.

Though the Swedish service sector finds it difficult to find employees, the situation is even worse in the building construction trade.

- Almost 60% of the companies in the building sector report that they find it difficult to find qualified labor, says Konjunkturinstitutet, the Swedish National Institute of Economic Research.

The Estonian National Institute of Economic Research reports exactly the same figures as their Swedish colleague:

- The main current problem for Estonia’s construction firms is finding suitable manpower. Nearly 60% of these companies now state labor shortage as the main obstacle to their business activities, says the Institute.

- Demand in the private service sector rose further in the first quarter of this year, but growth now seems to have slowed somewhat. Employment also rose, with significant growth in the consultancy sector. However, this sector is also experiencing the greatest recruitment difficulties. Around half of the consultancies state the labor shortage as their main obstacle to meet demand.