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The Nordic Ecolabel – gateway to the Nordic markets A lot of people are feeling despair due to climate change caused by human activities. At the same time everybody can do something for a sustainable future. Buying Ecolabeled products is one way to be a sustainable consumer and thereby preserve the natural habitat.

The Nordic ecolabel is a voluntary scheme for business. The label evaluates the product's impact on the environment throughout its whole lifecycle. For example, in evaluating the product's climate impact it tests whether CO2 (and other harmful gases) emissions do not exceed certain levels. Some products influence global warming more than others and in these cases only "the best in class" can be awarded an ecolabel – for example laptop computers, washing machines and other electric and electronic appliances. All of these products must meet strict requirements for energy consumption.

Why apply for Nordic Ecolabelling?

The Swan-logo is very well known in Nordic countries and while buying products and services both ordinary consumers as well as experts are guided by the existence of the ecolabel.

As recent research revealed, the Swan is known to 97% of Swedish consumers, 94% in Norway, 82% in Denmark, 88% in Finland and 60% in Iceland. Therefore one can claim that the Swan is a key to the Nordic market!

What costs are accompanied by the Ecolabel?

Companies applying for the Ecolabel have to pay an application fee which will cover the administration of the application and the control visit to the applicant. In addition, the applicant has to cover travel expenses for the control visit if the manufacturing plant is outside the Nordic countries.

Once the license has been granted, there is an annual charge for products carrying the Swan label to which the license applies. There is a different fee for different products and services. Contact one of the Nordic offices to determine exactly what the fees are for certain type of product or service.

- In recent years we have expanded and found new customers in the Nordic countries. We hope that a right to use this logo will raise our reputation in the eyes of our new customers even more, says Juhan Peedimaa, Chairman of Ecoprint printing company.

- Applying for the Nordic Ecolabel is not difficult. So far we have created 65 categories for fulfilling the requirements of different product group, says Ragnar Unge, Managing Director of Swedish Ecolabelling

Click to find out more about applying for the Nordic Ecolabel.

Triin Oppi - The Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia