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Exchanging Ideas & Experiences In a series of upcoming informal meetings SCCE will create a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences on current business issues and subjects of importance for our members' commerce, trade and investments.

- Nowadays our entire production goes on export with Norway, Finland and Sweden as our main markets. We have found our niche on the market in terms of products and we have also found our way of making export business based on lessons learned and keeping our minds wide open to feedback from our local Nordic partners and customers, says Henri Enniste, export manager at Seve Ehituse, in the autumn 2010 issue of focus – the magazine of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia.

- Estonia still has image problems even on marketplaces being so close to us as the Nordic countries. "Is it really so that Estonia is a member of EU and will get the euro January 1st, 2011?" "Isn't Estonia some kind of a Soviet relic with a questionable reputation?" I have got quite a few comments like these during my years as Seve's export manager, continues Henri Enniste in the focus article.

Just like in any other country, Estonia's commerce, trade and investments has generated experiences, and good ideas have been implemented. Now is the time to jump out of the box, open the tap and let these good ideas and experiences stream!

At a series of informal meetings and based on real cases, SCCE aims to create a platform for exchanging business ideas and experiences made by companies, organizations and individuals.

The first of these informal meetings, including cases presented by Hillar Lauri - SMIS International, Mikael Orkomies - Excedea and a discussion moderated by Rein Malm – RM Consulting, takes place Thursday, November 11th (invitation at and a report will be published at