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EURES EURES (EURopean Employment Services) is a network of more than 800 Public Employment Service advisers spread all over Europe. Their main target is to promote international mobility among jobseekers.

EURES provides information, advice and job-matching services across EU and it is designed to support and make the right to live and work in any of the EU member states a reality.

Employers based in Estonia, Sweden or any of the EU member states can recruit personnel from any EU country. EURES offers, free of charge, advertising of job vacancies in any sector of work, to candidates across the EU at the European Job Mobility Portal or at any National Public Employment Service like and

For employers interested in recruiting from a certain country, EURES can arrange information meetings or interviews in their local premises. EURES also arrange European Job Days all over Europe, focusing on working in other countries and employers are most welcome to participate.

Personalized assistance in recruiting from abroad is offered via the network of EURES advisers. They are trained in international mobility and have a broad personal network of contacts.

The EURES adviser in Estonia for Sweden is Jelena Poleštšuk.
Tel: (+372) 626 32 54
E-mail: jelena.polestsuk[at]

The EURES adviser in Sweden for Estonia is Olof Person.
Tel: (+46) 486 85 60
E-mail: olof.person[at]