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Swedish acquisitions abroad expected to increase Supported by strong first quarter fiscal reports 2011, Swedish companies are now expected to start expanded and offensive acquisitions abroad.

Strategic acquisitions of foreign companies, supporting and complementing the Swedish companies’ core activities and offering expanded market opportunities, are expected to be hot objects for a new wave of investments.

Swedish investments abroad have been on a low level, not only during the financial crisis but also during the first phase of recovery.

- The companies now have cash and their balance sheets are strong, leading to an increased appetite for acquisitions abroad, say economic analysts in Sweden. Available capital should be put into work, and having the choice of either pay dividends to the share holders or invest, there are now clear signs that several major Swedish corporations have chosen the latter alternative.

- In addition to looking at objects offering a support to their core business or offering new market opportunities, we also see a trend for interests in buying retail abroad. This latter sphere of interest is trigged by a renewed policy of inhouse distribution to end consumers instead of having the last link in the supply chain outsourced, concludes the Swedish analysts.

In just one year the euro has lost 7% and the US dollar 15% in value compared to the Swedish krona. This is a disadvantage for Swedish export companies having their costs in Swedish currency and their incomes in the cheaper euro or US dollar. But it is indeed an advantage as Swedish corporations now take off for strategic acquisitions abroad to favourable costs.