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New Ministers in the Swedish Government Thursday, September 29th Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt appointed Annie Lööf Minister for Enterprise and head of the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. Lena Ek was appointed Minister for the Environment and head of the Ministry of the Environment.

Anna-Karin Hatt will, in addition to her previous appointment as IT-Minister, also take over responsibility for energy issues and will therefore be Minister for Information Technology and Energy.

All three Ministers represent the Centre Party in the Alliance - the Swedish coalition Government additionally consisting of Moderaterna (the Conservatives), Folkpartiet (the Liberal Party) and Kristdemokraterna (the Christian Democrats).

Annie Lööf
Annie Lööf was recently elected party leader of the Centre Party, succeeding Maud Olofsson. Now she also succeeds Maud Olofsson as Minister for Enterprise.

- We have seen the enormous support Annie Lööf has got in her party. When the Alliance’s parties feel good, then the Alliance feels good, said Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt as he introduced the new Ministers.

- I want to promote technological innovations to create more growth and jobs in Sweden, said Annie Lööf. Furthermore, I want to simplify the regulations for entrepreneurs and take a closer look at State owned venture capital companies.

- Entrepreneurship and technology are vital drivers for creating and developing a sustainable economy, said Annie Lööf.

Lena Ek
Lena Ek succeeds Andreas Carlgren as Minister for the Environment.

- The climate, emissions, the sea and green technologies are key issues for me, said Lena Ek. It is also important that we strengthen our green profile in the Government.

- One of my tasks will now be to negotiate our policy with the EU system. I have done that for seven years already, so I hope to be able to continue doing a good job there, said Lena Ek.

Anna-Karin Hatt
Anna-Karin Hatt was already a Minister in the Government responsible for IT issues. In addition to this she will now also handle the energy politics including hot issues on the Swedish political agenda like the electricity market and the nuclear power.

- I want to care for and strengthen the consumers’ position on the energy market, said Anna-Karin Hatt. Energy politic is a big and exiting area and it is important that we manage to decrease the emissions of green house gases with 40%.