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picture News March, 5 2021
image: Three booklets on Sweden and Swedes Three booklets on Sweden and Swedes

I just got a mail from The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK tipping off on three books on Sweden and Swedes. They are written by Colin Moon who has lived in Sweden for 20 years and now shares his experiences:

" - Before I ever set foot in Sweden I knew for sure that Swedes were socialists,
that they drank themselves to death and that they had sex anywhere at any

- But that was Sweden in the early 80's when all good things in life were
immoral, illegal or heavily taxed.

- It is now 2010/2011 and Swedes are often strangely convinced they are
nothing special, rather dull and simply quite ordinary. Do not let them fool
you. They are just as weird and wonderful as they have always been. They
just need a little help to show it.

During his 20 years in Sweden Colin Moon has written three incredibly
amusing and astute booklets about modern day Sweden and the Swedes who live
in it.

These three booklets give a warm, humorous insight into things Swedish. Things
the Swedes themselves think are quite normal, quite sensible, and quite
logical. Bless them, for they are often unaware that the rest of us, the 98.86%
of the world's population, often find them amusing, entertaining and at times
simply quite odd.

For more information and to order, visit: "


Forwarded by:

Kristiina Sikk
SCCE Ombudsman



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