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picture News December, 5 2022
image: Sweden will get a new government Sweden will get a new government As the hours went on at yesterday evening's Valvaka/Election Night at the Swedish Embassy in Tallinn, it became more and more clear that Sweden will get a new government. This morning Swedish media report the outcome of the election to the Riksdag/Parliament as follows

(change compared to the 2010 election within brackets):


Vänsterpartiet (Left Party)                                             5,7% (+0,1%)

Socialdemokraterna (Social Democrats)             31,2% (+0,4%)

Miljöpartiet (Green Party)                                              6,8% (-0,4%)

Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats)                       4,6% (-1,0%)

Centerpartiet (Centre Party)                                           6,1% (-0,4%)

Folkpartiet (Liberal Party)                                              5,4% (-1,7%)

Moderaterna (Moderate Party)                          23,2% (-6,7%)

Sverigedemokraterna    (Sweden Democrats)                 12,9% (+7,2%)


This means that the Alliance, Sweden's former coalition government consisting of the Moderate, Liberal and Centre Parties, and the Christian Democrats, got 39,3% of the votes, while the so called Red-Green bloc (Social Democrats, the Left and Green Parties) got 43,7% of the votes. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt announced that he will submit the Alliance's resignation to the Speaker of the Riksdag, and he also announced that he will resign as leader of the Moderate Party.


The assignment to form a new government will now go to the Social Democrats' party leader Stefan Löfven. Political analysts in Sweden agree that this will be a tough task for him as the three parties in the Red-Green bloc (Social Democrats, the Left and Green Parties) have different opinions in five major political areas; private company profits in the welfare system, infrastructure, energy, defense and export of weapons, and migration and refugee policy.


The Sweden Democrats got a significant increased number of votes. However, political commentators agree with what SEB wrote in their Nordic Outlook this spring; "a kingmaker party that no one else wants to work with" [edit: due to their migration and refugee policy].


This morning it is estimated that 83,3% of the Swedish voters participated in this year's election. The next issue of SCCE's magazine focus will be published in the second half of October and will report on the outcome of the formation of Sweden's new government and their upcoming policy being of interest for Estonian-Swedish commerce, trade and investments.


On behalf of the participants, I would like to thank Ambassador Anders Ljunggren and Mrs Barbro Allardt Ljunggren for a very nice and cozy Valvaka yesterday evening.




Kristiina Sikk

SCCE Ombudsman

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