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picture News October, 2 2023
image: "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being" "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being"

- According to WHO, health is 'a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity', said Anu Hedman, Senior Doctor of the Heart Center at East-Tallinn Central Hospital, as SCCE gathered for a workshop on health and well-being in the hospital's former ice-cellar, Tuesday

28 April.


Anu continued her presentation by pointing out that heart and cardiovascular diseases are the biggest killers globally. Reasons why include factors we cannot influence, like genetics, age and gender. But we can do something about other factors, stress and obesity for example.


- How we cope with stress is basically about personality; how do we feel about it, excited or depressed. Excess body weight during midlife is associated with an increased risk of death, continued Anu.


- Here are some take-home messages; A reasonable lifestyle is essential for our cardiovascular health; put up realistic and flexible goals, health is a lifetime adventure, not an once-in–a-lifetime project; we cannot change our age and the impact of risk factors worsens with age unfortunately; mankind is designed to move, get a buddy - a dog for example!; not every obese person is at disease risk, concluded Anu Hedman.


Veronika Palmiste, Vascular Surgeon at the hospital, described the effects of cardiovascular diseases and made a very straightforward presentation.


- I'm quite firm in pointing out what you can do to avoid or postpone cardiovascular diseases; keep up with a healthy lifestyle!; avoid obesity!; take your stress under control!; rule your additional diseases!; do not smoke and abuse alcohol, said Veronika.


Sandra Sikk, our Yoga Instructor, focused on stress and underlined the positive impact of yoga to make us relax and feel comfortable.


- Lower your shoulders, take a deep, deep breath, and exhale slowly. It should sound like an ocean making long and friendly waves. This is one of the basic exercises in yoga and I guess you can feel the effect, said Sandra.


On behalf of all participants, I would like to thank Anu Hedman, Veronika Palmiste and Sandra Sikk for their interesting presentations. My thanks also go to Sushi Cat, RIMI, Semu and Västerbottensost for putting up our healthy buffet this evening. And, last but not least, my thanks also go to East-Tallinn Central Hospital for hosting us at this SCCE After Business Hours Workshop on health and well-being.




Kristiina Sikk

SCCE Ombudsman

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